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OF COURSE We Went to “Breakfast of Course”!

To quote one of my life heroines, Scarlett O’Hara (she ranks on the same list as Beth Ditto, Clarissa Darling, and, of course, her majesty Queen Elizabeth II),

“As god as my witness, this disease isn’t going to lick me…I will not miss school because of a stupid illness again!”

Ok, she definitely didn’t say that. At all. But if she were 23, living in the year 2011, and suffering from a nasty hybrid of food poisoning/influenza (oh, and not a fictional character), she DEFINITELY would have amended her original statement.

I’ve mentioned this restaurant before, but I can only think of a few places in Winston-Salem (forget it, the entire STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA) who are doing breakfast as well as Breakfast of Course.

I actually briefly mentioned the lady Mary and her wonderful restaurant in a previous post about a new restaurant in the Dash called The Screaming Rooster. Some of you may know BOC by its old name and location, Mary’s of Course. BOC takes everything that was awesome about MOC (great food, great service, cute/mismatched table decorations) and brings it into an awesome new downtown location which solves all of the old problems (too small, cramped tables, long lines).

Ok, I lied about the last part- the tricky thing about restaurants being tasty and awesome and popular is that EVERYONE IN TOWN WANTS TO EAT THERE AT THE SAME TIME. Therefore, if you’re trying to eat Sunday brunch at BOC, you need to be prepared to wait. And wait. I’ve legitimately waited over an hour for a table at BOC (I KNOW, I couldn’t believe it either). Was it worth it? Oh, yes. BOC serves some of the best grits outside of my mom’s house and trust me when I say that I will wait for a bowl of decent grits. Was I frustrated? Meh, not as important. I mean, hello: those grits are damn good.

Another awesome thing about BOC is that they have a lot of vegetarian and vegan friendly options. For the record, the vegetarian sausage gravy is delicious, and they have a variety of fruits, vegetables, and cheeses which can be ordered a la carte. Because sometimes a girl just needs a plate of vegetarian sausage and a slice of brie, you know?

In fact, just the other day I was in the mood for something really light*, fresh, and… not actually on the menu. That’s right, I was going to be THAT customer: the customer who thinks they can order anything they want just because the restaurant has a kitchen and the customer has a mind of their own.

For starters, I didn’t want the typical ‘on the menu’ cup of grits. I wanted a bowl of grits, a tureen of grits, a BUCKET of grits-

but ok, I’d settle for a bowl.

I’ve asked for an enhanced bowl of grits at numerous restaurants across the U.S. and the responses have run the gamut of waiter/waitress emotion- from intense eye-rolling and snide remarks, to (at a VERY memorable Carolina Beach hole in the wall) the waiter delivering a mixing bowl of grits. Basically, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Also, while I wanted eggs, I really only wanted egg whites. Scrambled hard. With fruit on the side.

Did my BOC waitress roll her eyes, make a snide remark, and bring me a cup of grits with two whole scrambled eggs on the side? Nope. She wrote down my annoying order, smiled, and gave me what I wanted:

2152011 002

‘Pleased’ does not adequately describe how I felt upon seeing this plate. Thank you, Breakfast of Course, for making my brunch dreams come true.

*And yes, I fully realize that a tureen of grits is not typically seen as ‘light’. Yeah, whatever.


I lost 3.3 pounds today at my weigh-in. While part of me wants to write this off as a by-product of my disease riddled body, the other part of me is doing a happy dance and saying, “AY-YO!”



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Tummy Rumblings

Ok, somehow my karma is off. It must be. I must have done something truly awful within the last month and now I am having epic karmic payback. Because WHO THE HELL GETS FOOD POISONING AND A SEVERE COLD IN THE SAME TWO WEEK SPAN?

I will spare you all the gory details of my epic vomit free-for-all last night, but just know that I would not wish what happened to me on my worst enemy.

I’ve reached the point where I hate missing class. I feel like I’m ten steps behind everyone else. All I need at this point is for a bottle of flat ginger ale to appear in my bedroom. I could also use a hug.

So..probably one of the worst Valentine’s Days ever?

On the bright side (as dim as it may be), at least typing doesn’t require moving my mouth. Even if it does require sitting upright. Maybe I should move horizontally.

Ok, much better. Actually, it’s not that much better. Anyway, though I’m feeling a little too ill to right write, I wanted to post a couple of quick snacks and meals that I throw together when I’m on the run. I’ve had several people ask me what I eat on a typical day. I don’t post about my ‘typical’ on the go meals because they tend to be pretty simple and similar to one another. However, I’ve come up with some really helpful ways to get protein, dairy, fruit, and carbs into my body even when I’m in a hurry.

2142011 008

I eat a lot of fruit. I also eat a lot of Greek yogurt. I like to chop up fruit (in this case, kiwi), throw it in  a cup of yogurt (in this case, Chobani Pomegranate), and eat another piece of fruit on the side. Surprisingly, a breakfast like this will tide me over for several hours. And it’s only four wwpoints+. However, if you really want a breakfast like this to sustain you, have this on the side:

2142011 006

It may not look appetizing, but it tastes pretty delicious. This green monster consisted of 1/2 cup Greek Yogurt, two big handfuls of spinach, 2 tsp spirulina, and 1 heaping spoonful of Boku superfood. Oh, and these little babies:

2142011 001

However, since my juicer decided to commit suicide in honor of Jack Lalanne’s death:

juicer R.I.P.

I decided to see how well my new food processor could pulverize fruit.

2142011 0032142011 002

I was very pleased. My Black and Decker FP1600B handled the extra fruit very well. I peeled the orange, sliced the apple, and peeled the kiwi- I didn’t do any extra small chopping or anything like that. I tossed the fruit into the processor with the Greek yogurt and watched it smush the fruit into a creamy yogurt concoction. There were no surprise chunks of fruit- it was perfectly smooth and creamy. To be honest, I’m not quite sure how I feel about using the yogurt in my green monster. I think it makes the liquid a little too thick and rich for my personal taste. In the future, if I need extra liquid, I might use almond milk or water.

222011 031

This is a pretty typical snack for me. I love ritz crackers, but I have to carefully portion them out or else I will have a food black out and eat an entire box. Anyway, usually I count out 10 (four wwpoints+) and eat them with a side of fruit (0 wwpoints+). I like bananas and oranges because they have protective skin which keeps them safe from the other items in my bag. However,

222011 033

This is what happens when you carry two bananas around all day in a bag with a can of Progresso soup. Welcome to mush city.

As much as I’d like to keep writing, I think this weary body needs to curve against my pillows ASAP before I add another disgusting story to my already impressive list of vomit experiences.

Happy Gay Valentine’s Day, y’all.


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Spirulina- Sounds like a Disease, Tastes like a dream

You know, every time I get sick in my adulthood, I think this is some sort of karmic payback for every time I faked sick during my childhood. However, as an adult with a schedule and mandatory responsibilities, getting sick? SIGNIFICANTLY LESS COOL.

At this moment I’m sitting in the UNCSA Health Center, praying that the doctor doesn’t utter the word ‘influenza’. When I arrived at the Health Center this morning 5-10 minutes before it opened, I was surprised to find that I was merely joining a queue of other diseased students.

Since I started this entry I have seen the doctor, endured a heinous pharmaceutical experience, and have taken up at a semi-permanent residence in my bed. Again, the one good thing about being sick is that I can blog my heart out (as long as there are tissues in the immediate vicinity).

Because I’ve been so ill, I decided to make an extra special Green Monster yesterday. Actually, two things really sparked my need for green:

1. I discovered an untouched pint of FAGE plain yogurt in the back of my fridge that expires in a couple of days. My new found love of Chobani has distracted me from my lifelong obsession with FAGE texture, and I refuse to let such a thick and luscious yogurt go to waste. I don’t usually put dairy products in my monster, but this was an emergency.

2. I wanted to try the spirulina powder I bought. News flash: remember when I blogged about Winston-Salem’s Washington Perk and Provisions? Well, you can buy spirulina powder IN BULK there. Huzzah.

Yesterday’s monster consisted of:

-Three Giant Handfuls of Spinach (I’m not big on measuring leafy greens, but I think the handful trick is good enough)

-3/4 cup FAGE plain non-fat greek yogurt

– 1 Banana

– 1/2 cup Peaches

– 2 tsp spirulina powder

First I blended the top four ingredients, making sure to put the yogurt on the bottom. It’s a pretty good rule of thumb to put liquid beverage ingredients close to the bottom of your food processor/blender (this also goes for smoothies, milkshakes, pina coladas, etc.) because they allow the bulkier items to smooth out easier. In the case of a green monster, the spinach will whip right into the yogurt creating a thick and creamy mixture.

Oh, have I not introduced you to my new friend? Meet my new food processor, the Black and Decker FP1600B. She’s sleek, matches my coffeemaker (and ipod dock and scale), and doesn’t start smoking when I run her for long periods of time- therefore, she’s my newest and bestest friend. I still have my baby cuisnart mini-prep, but it was starting to show signs of age- i.e. smoking while in the act of crushing garbanzo beans. I’m not ready to give up on ol’ cuisnart, but that baby definitely needed a pinch hitter.

Anyway, after I blended up my main ingredients, I added the featured player: spirulina powder.

Look at those greens! I just want to go swimming in that color. Ok, not really.

As I’ve mentioned before, spirulina is an incredible superfood and is the richest beta carotene food- legit, spirulina beta carotene is 10 times stronger than carrots. Among the multitude of its incredible benefits, spirulina also strengthens the immune system. And since I’ve been struck by the black death, I need as much immune system subsidizing as possible.

I only used 2 teaspoons because I wanted to ease my way into drinking spirulina- however, because of the additional flavors in my beverage, the spirulina blends in seamlessly.

Now, as a fair warning, this green monster was not very sweet- if you need more natural sweeteners, add more fruit. So don’t make this exact recipe and expect to taste the fruity rainbow- I was going for greenery, not garden variety. However, I found this drink to be quite delicious and just what the doctor ordered.

Since we’re on the topic of green smoothies: Roni of Green Lite Bites made an adorable video of her and her son making smoothies together. It’s really cute, and very informational- if you’re interested in joining the green revolution but want to ease your way into it, watch this video for some great pointers and hints.

I can’t wait until I’m making green smoothies with baby Jessamyns. Actually, this is what I hope my motherhood looks like:

Also, I was a touch too emphatic when I added the spirulina to my monster, and ended up sprinkling forest green powder on my Santa Claus footed Jammy Jams.

santa jammie jams

Yes, that’s right. I’m 23, and I wear footed Santa Claus pajamas. Jealous?


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Holy Guacamole: My Weekly Weigh-In, and Eating The SAG Awards- a Movie Buff’s Super Bowl Sunday

Is this where I address my WEEK LONG absence? Is this where I beg forgiveness? Is this where I scold myself for letting the mundane details of my life consume me?

I certainly hope not. Because here’s what happened: I was busy. Very busy. And sick. Fairly ill, in fact. Many things happened during this week long sabbatical from blogging. I’m going to start talking about several of those things in just a moment.

But I’ve already done enough emotional flogging related to my blogging break. I think that in order for me to  successfully maintain this journal, I need to stop giving myself such a hard time about the way I communicate with others. I’m actually quite upset with myself because not only was I too busy to write, I was too busy to read my 21093041787 favorite blogs. Therefore, my google reader is about to hemorrhage from too many exciting blog entries.

However, that’s neither here nor there, and yelling at myself on the internet will not turn back the hands of time.

First thing’s first: in spite of my tumultuous week (which involved a GIRLTALK CONCERT, sinus related illness, and breaking my Couch to 5k Personal records), I managed to LOSE WEIGHT this week. Now, while I’m obviously unbelievably stoked to have had this happen, I think there’s an actual Weight Watchers related lesson embedded in this experience:

ALWAYS WEIGH-IN. I didn’t want to weigh-in today- I was convinced I’d gained weight, and I didn’t feel like dealing with the consequences of my actions. I was in a very low place. However, I told myself that I needed to calm down because how could I change my actions if I refused to even see the results? So I stepped on the scale, totally prepared to see a gain. And I lost. I lost over a pound. But the point is that I was PREPARED FOR THE GAIN. I was ready to take responsibility for my bad choices (yes, super salty cheese enchilada that was SO not worth the ww pointsplus….I’m looking at you).No matter what kind of ridiculous roller coaster week I’m facing, I need to always remember that the proper way to start over is by getting all the facts.

ANYWAY, like I said, this week was very congested (and so was my nose- HAHAHAHA). I made a lot of really interesting food (most of which I didn’t photograph- boo hiss), and I increased my standard pace during week 2 of the Couch to 5k Challenge.

In particular, Sunday night was particularly exciting because it was the live broadcast of the 17th Annual Screen Actor’s Guild Awards.

sag awards

Anyone who knows me is well aware that Awards Season is the Jessamyn Equivalent of March Madness. In other words, Sunday night was essentially my own personal Super Bowl Sunday (yeah, that’s right, I just combined sports metaphors).

In honor of the occasion, I decided to make a lot of party related food for one person (one person because, aside from my mother, I’m the only person I know who is obsessed with awards shows).

I decided to make guacamole, hummus, and a pizza.

222011 008

This probably sounds stupid, but I’m 99.9% sure I  had never opened an avocado before Sunday. Yes, I’ve eaten avocado- I love avocado. But for some reason, the preparation of fresh avocado is not a very large part of my life.

The guacamole turned out pretty delicious:

222011 012

I used a very generic guacamole recipe, i.e throw avocado, onions, salt, and lime juice into a food processor, but there are a few changes I might make. For starters, while using a food processor is time efficient, it creates a fairly smooth consistency. I prefer chunky guacamole, so I might just use a fork to mash up the fruit next time. Also, using ripe tomatoes is usually tastier than using recently picked tomatoes- as a result, I had unnecessarily large chunks of tomatoes (and I hate tomatoes- ok, that’s an overstatement but you get the picture).

In addition to the guacamole, I made a batch of hummus using canned garbanzo beans. It turned out ok, but the flavor is a teensy bit off to me. This was my first time making hummus from scratch, and for that reason I’m cutting myself a little bit of slack. Maybe it tasted off because the beans were canned and not fresh- the recipe I used said to use some of the water drained off the beans. In all honesty, I think this added to the weird flavor. In general, canning juices are not know for having the most palatable taste. Whatever, the hummus tastes pretty good in wraps and with homemade corn chips. I just need to futz with the recipe a little.

The main event of my SAG Awards Viewing party was the homemade pizza. I’ve been craving pizza for weeks, and I finally had enough time to make a crust from scratch. However, before I started the pizza making process, I decided to fulfill one of my goals: Making turkey sausage from scratch.

Now you’re probably wondering: Jessamyn, what does one put in turkey sausage? Well, for someone who follows directions well and reads recipes thoroughly, the ability to rattle off an exact ingredient list is probably second nature. However, if you’re like me and have the natural urge to do things the hard way, then you probably just eyeballed every spice in your kitchen until you came up with something resembling sausage. I mean, making sausage is basically just handmixing a bunch of spices into a mass of raw beast right?

(my great-grandmothers are probably rolling in their graves).

Anyway, I started with a pound of lean ground turkey. From that point, the sky was the limit. Here’s a sampling of ingredients that made their way into Jessamyn’s turkey sausage:

–cumin seeds



–cayenne pepper


–onion powder

–garlic powder


–fresh ground black peppercorns

WAIT A MINUTE. Let’s pause here a moment, and I’ll give you a process shot of my beloved turkey sausage:

222011 023

I bet you’re wondering why I just inserted a photo of chocolate chip cookie dough into a blog of sausage making. That’s because it’s NOT cookie dough- do those look like chocolate chips to you? Let’s turn the flash on this baby:

222011 024

Yeah, that’s right- my gorgeous turkey sausage was marred by accidently dumping half a canister of WHOLE BLACK PEPPERCORNS into the mixing bowl.

I wish there was a photo of my face as the pepper fell into the bowl. I’m sure it was priceless.

Needless to say, I spent the next 15 minutes individually picking the black peppercorns out of the raw sausage. Yes, I washed my hands often. Yes, I was BEYOND pissed off. But I’m not made of money- there was no way in HELL that I was going to toss out a pound of meat because of a few hundred black peppercorns.

Anyway, after much trial, tribulation, and peppercorn picking, this finally went into my oven:

222011 026

And then, miracle of miracles, the crust rose properly! And it was both soft and crunchy. AND I DIDN’T EAT IT ALL AT ONCE (probably the greatest miracle of all).

By the way, the crust recipe I used was my own personal spin on a WW recipe- instead of using 4 1/4 cup ( s ) all purpose flour, I subbed in 2 1/4 cup ( s ) whole wheat flour- partially because of the health factor and partially because of the ‘I ran out of all-purpose flour’ factor. A lot of people are afraid of whole wheat flour, but I think it’s perfectly delicious.

Original WW Recipe:

1 1/2 cup(s) water, warm (105-115°F)

1 tsp sugar

2 1/4 tsp yeast, or 1 package

1 Tbsp olive oil

4 1/4 cup(s) all-purpose flour

1 1/2 tsp table salt

Jessamyn’s Adaptation:

1 1/2 cup(s) water, warm (105-115°F)

1 tsp sugar

2 1/4 tsp yeast, or 1 package

1 Tbsp olive oil

2  cup(s) all-purpose flour

2 1/4 cup(s) whole wheat flour

1 1/2 tsp table salt

  • Combine the water and sugar in a measuring cup. Sprinkle in the yeast and let stand until foamy and lagoon-ish, about 5 minutes. Stir in the oil.
  • Combine the flour and salt in a food processor, stand mixer, or with your bare hands (like in olden times- just pretend you are someone’s Italian grandmother). With the machine running (if you don’t feel like busting it out with your hands), scrape the yeast mixture into the bowl; pulse until the dough forms a ball, about 1 minute. If necessary, turn the dough onto a lightly floured surface and knead briefly until smooth and elastic.
  • Spray a large bowl with nonstick spray; put the dough in the bowl. Cover the bowl lightly with plastic wrap and let the dough rise in a warm spot until it doubles in size, about 1 hour.
  • Punch down the dough, then cut in half. Refrigerate or freeze in floured zip-close freezer bags at this point or use as directed in the recipe. Yields 1⁄12 of dough per serving.

I only used 1/5 of this recipe to create my Sunday night pizza. The dough can be used in a lot of different recipes, and I have big plans for homemade calzones later this week.


How was your week? If you watched the SAG Awards, were you shocked by any of the wins and snubs (for example, are the various critics associations just pretending Inception never happened? Actually, maybe it was all just a dream…)


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