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Jessamyn Not Jasmine? Please, y’all- I’m a SELF-HOSTER now!

It’s been a very busy 24 hour period in the world of Jessamyn Not Jasmine.

1. I finally cleaned my kitchen counter and moved my lightbox into its semi-permanent kitchen counter locale. This probably isn’t a big deal for anyone but me- since I still haven’t changed the overhead lamp in my kitchen, the addition of three 100-watt lightbulbs has made a once dungeon-like kitchen into a mini-photo studio.

2. My canon lens arrived. Therefore, I’ve been snapping pictures of every individual item in my apartment (it would probably be a little embarrassing if I didn’t lack self-respect). The definition of the EF 50 mm F/1.8 Prime lens is blowing my point&shoot mind to smithereens. Of course, since my camera usb cable is still in the mail, I can’t physically share any of my ridiculous photos yet. But just know that this is pretty much what I look like:


3. I am officially a self-hosting presser of words- jessnotjazz.com is live! However, if you actually go to this website, you will not see anything worth noting. Therefore, I am taking a planned weekend break from jessamynnotjasmine in order to put in the necessary elbow grease for a fully functioning .com. Also, I have a weekend cooking project in the works, so look forward to a recipe post by the start of next week.

Is that all? Yes, I think so.

Good-bye, April. It’s been sort of nice knowing you.

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How My Life Turned into The Gift of The Magi

Obviously, I’ve read the Gift of The Magi. I mean, my man Willie Porter was born in Greensboro, so I’ve been learning about him since I was a baby thumbsucker. I understand the story’s significance. I just didn’t think the significance would make such a profound appearance in my personal life.

Remember when my wallet was stolen? Well, my camera was stolen as well. Even though I secretly wanted a new camera, I couldn’t actually afford to buy one. Thereby making the theft of my only photographic device a pretty big bummer. There are so many events in my life which desperately need to be photographed and, as of the present moment, I can’t Sad smile. I’ve been wanting to write the story of Jessamyn’s First DSLR, but I couldn’t see where the money was going to come from. All in all, the last few weeks in my personal blogging and camera land have been a modern adaptation of  an Edgar Allen Poe story.

Until O.Henry decided to get in the mix.

You see, I’ve been planning an April trip to NYC since February. And it’s not just any old trip- this upcoming weekend is Fat Girl Flea Market, a veritable mecca for fashionable fat girls. I’m tearing up just thinking about it- Saturday is the market, but the weekend will be filled with fun and frolicking around the city with my Fat sisterhood. I’ve been pumped about this for months. Literally, MONTHS. However, when my camera went missing, so did some of my excitement- what if I couldn’t film Fat Girl Flea Market? Thus began my two week long existential crisis.

Until I was offered a choice: I could own the camera of dreams, made for capturing the unstoppable memories of Fat Girl Flea Market (like meeting some of my Fat idols- Gabi of Young Fat and Fabulous, or Marianne and Lesley, my Two Whole Cakes mamas). But, in order to purchase the (VERYEXPENSIVE-OMG-MYHEADJUSTEXPLODED) camera, I would not be able to afford a spring trip to Jay-Z’s hometown.

Well, Jay-Z, you know me- I’m a rebel.

canon rebel

Hello, lover.

Yes, I’m definitely sad about not being able to go to Fat Girl Flea Market. Really sad. I mean, I’m going to miss A LIVE RECORDING OF MARIANNE AND LESLEY’S FATCAST! But I’ll be in the city this summer, so it’s not like I’ll be gone forever. And this purchase was actually a necessity, unlike the clothes I would have had trouble schlepping home from NYC. Anyway, I can’t wait for my camera (and new lens) to arrive. In the mean time, I’ll just waste hours of my life on ups.com, tracking the hell out of my purchases.

On an unrelated note, if anyone would like to donate money to the cause of Jessamyn Can No Longer Pay Her Rent, please e-mail me (jessamyneatspraysloves@gmail.com) for more information Winking smile.

(Yeah, I used a winky face, buttttttt…the rent sitch is kind of real life.)

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