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SlapHappy Friday: Jessamyn’s New Favorite Thing of The Week

Ok, so remember that time I said I was too busy to breathe and didn’t have time to blog?

Ok, I definitely wasn’t lying but I couldn’t resist sharing my new favorite thing of the week. Maybe this should be a weekly segment… Hm, I’ll put that in my good ideas folder: right next to “Vegan and Gluten-Free Soul Food Cookbook” (which is DEFINITELY an active idea- I’m mentally working out a primitive version of Southern Fried “Chicken” as we speak).

Ok, enough rambling, Jessamyn! What’s my new favorite thing?

2182011 001

Isn’t it adorable? I discovered this while having a really quick dinner at the UNCSA non-cafeteria on-campus eatery (was that descriptive enough for you?) It’s a Sabra Hummus Grab N’ Go Pack. It comes in a domed container (obviously), with hummus on the bottom half and pretzel crisps on the top half.

2182011 004

Nevermind that Sabra hummus occasionally tastes like mayonnaise (am I the only person who feels this way? I mean, I like it in general but sometimes it definitely tastes like mayo). This idea is freaking AWESOME. The container is really handy, the portion size is plentiful, and who doesn’t love pretzel crisps? Ok, I’m sure someone doesn’t. Also, I’m sure someone doesn’t care for original hummus- well, that’s why it also comes in roasted garlic and roasted red pepper, DUH!

But let’s get serious: I was pleased with this purchase even though it was a bit of an impulse buy. I ate some of the pack with my fruit bowl dinner, and then decided I didn’t want anymore. So I just put the two halves back together, tossed it in my bag, and headed back to rehearsal. Guess who had a tasty hummus mid-rehearsal snack? THIS GIRL. So yes, this pack is PERFECT for travel, school, work, and play.

By the way, I’m sorry if I seem a little slaphappy and crazy: it’s because the weather here in Winston-Salem is about 73 degrees today. ON FEBRUARY 18TH. Like I said via twitter: I hate global warming as much as the next liberal, but this NC spring during winter weather? I AM IN LOVE.

Happy Friday, y’all. I’m going to spend all weekend listening to hot boys sing about the revolutionary war. What are your weekend plans?



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Is It Spring Break Yet?

So what’s the end result of full recovery from the black plague? A mountain of overdue class work and responsibilities, that’s what. That being said, I have a number of entries in the works (the perfect basmati rice recipe! baked falafel! homemade raw hummus!), but my immediate future will be completely consumed with a terrible game of school work catch-up. Actually, just catching up with school would be enough- however, there’s another wrench that is causing quite a bit of schedule kerfuffle:

2172011 002

Scripts, line notes, water bottles, yogurt, phone- This. Is. The. Extent. Of. My. Life.

I am working on the UNCSA Winter production of 1776, and we are sitting on the cusp of our tech week. Therefore, if it doesn’t directly involve singing about the American Revolution, my attention should probably be elsewhere. Ironically, as much as the show eats up my time, I’ve really enjoyed working on it and I’ll probably be fairly sad when it’s over. Ok, sad is pushing it. But I’ll definitely miss being in a room where I get to watch cute AND talented boys sing and dance for hours on end.

Is this an appropriate time to shamelessly promote the show? Probably….YES:


See? Quick and Painless Winking smile

In the mean time, if you’re interested, I finally got around to updating a couple of tabs on this site- I created a Blog Roll so you can take a gander at a couple of the bloggers who make me waste hours at a time staring at my google reader. I also updated my Kitchen Staples tab, though it is the definition of a ‘work in progress’.

Oy vay- Is it Spring Break Yet?

Happy Thursday, Y’all!

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