Kitchen Staples

There are a number of go-to appliances, foods, and products which make my life infinitely easier on a daily basis. I tend to talk about many (if not all) of them specifically- check out the links for more detailed stories and product reviews.

Fridge/Fruit Basket:

Frozen Vegetables (ESPECIALLY spinach and peppers)

Frozen Out of Season Berries

Greek Yogurt (Plain)

Greek Yogurt (Flavored)


Almond Milk

Minced Garlic

Organic Mixed Greens (I buy this by the pound, and it is the base for countless emergency meals)












Canned Mushrooms

Canned Sliced Olives

Cereal (I’m a big fan of corn flakes)

Steel cut oats

Whole Grain Bread

Canned Tuna

Canned Beans (Garbanzo, Black, Cannellini, White)

Jarred Tomato Sauce

Dry Bouillion


Popcorn Kernels

Olive Oil spray

Olive Oil

Dried Beans (Lentils, Black-Eyed Peas, Garbanzo)

Whole Wheat Pasta

Gluten-Free Pasta

Whole Wheat Couscous

Brown Rice



Almond Butter

Boku Superfood



(For the record, I don’t own a microwave or toaster oven, so I do all of my cooking on a four burner gas stove with oven. People say I’m crazy, but I’m like “If Ma Ingalls did it, so can I.”)

Blender (I am using a very old hand me down, and would like a new one. Happy Birthday, Jessamyn?)

Food Processor (Black and Decker FP 1600B and Cuisnart MiniPrep Plus)

Food Scale (Eatsmart Precision Pro)

Stand Mixer (Oh, KitchenAid– without you, my baking life would be infinitely more painful)

Crock Pot (Another hand me down, but it gets the job done)


Jack Lalanne Power Juicer (It’s so Hard To Say Good-bye To Yesterday)


5 responses to “Kitchen Staples

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  2. dan

    Out of curosity, what the hell do you use soft tofu for? I never find occasion to use it instead of firm/extrafirm.

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  4. HP

    Lady, do yourself a favor, splurge, and go deep for the Breville Ikon 900 Juicer. Yes, it’s expensive. I promise you’ll never look back.

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