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Double Product Review! Chobani Pineapple Yogurt and FlatOut Wraps

As I mentioned earlier, Greek yogurt is one of my great loves- it’s thick, creamy, low fat (depending upon the brand), and an excellent addition to a multitude of dishes. That being said, can you BELIEVE today was the first day I ever tried Chobani Yogurt?

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In my defense, I’ve always been hesitant to buy Chobani because, for a broke grad student, it’s pretty pricey. However, due in no small part to my new food resolution, I decided that the time had finally come for me to try out one of the most talked about Greek yogurts in the blogosphere.

I’ve got to say: this was true love at first Bite. Chobani is everything I dreamed (and read) it would be. It’s super smooth and creamy, with delicious nuggets of pineapple just waiting to be scooped into your mouth. Unlike other fruit on the bottom yogurts, Chobani doesn’t have a weird syrupy fruit base. It tastes like…well, like fresh pineapple added to a creamy treat.

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So delicious, I basically had to lick the container clean.

At 4 wwpoints+, it is a great mid day snack or an addition to a green smoothie. I don’t typically put dairy items in my Green monsters, but I bet Chobani would taste delicious. Chobani comes in a number of flavors, so I also picked out mango and honey. If those flavors taste anything like the pineapple version, I will have truly fallen in love.

I also finally tried Flatout Flatbread.

flatout 1flatout 2

I had two reasons for not trying Flatout wraps- first of all (of course), I thought they were slightly overpriced. That problem was solved because they are on sale at Harris Teeter this week.

Second problem is that I have had some bad ‘wrap’ experiences. In my opinion, wraps are either really delicious and perfect, or dry and flavorless.

I am happy to say that I was way too quick to judge Flatout Wraps- I bought the Multi-grain with Flax, and they are absolutely delicious. The texture of the wrap is surprisingly moist, especially considering that they are sold in the bread section and not the freezer section. They are nice and floppy, so they don’t twist, break, or crack when you wrap them in whatever filling you choose.

Speaking of which, I decided today was a perfect day to make a tuna wrap. What are the secrets to Jessamyn’s Tuna Wrap?

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First of all, for the record, I HATE FAT-FREE MAYONNAISE. I’m sure you’re thinking, “why the hell did she put it in her tuna?” My response? “Because I’m ridiculous, that’s why!” It’s really just because I have trained myself to eat mayo in tuna- when I realized that (BIG SURPRISE) mayo is bad for you, I decided to fill my pantry with jars of fat-free mayonnaise. However, what I failed to recognize during this pantry revamp is that

a) fat-free mayo tastes awful.


b) the ingredients are worse than regular mayo ingredients.

Plus, I’m a Southern Girl- I should know not to buy anything other than Duke’s Mayonnaise.  Speaking of Official Condiments of Southeastern USA, Texas Pete is a required ingredient in most dishes- when I was high school, we had an (informal) contest to see who could eat the most Texas Pete (FROM PACKETS!) in one sitting.

(Yes, I did go to a liberal all-girls boarding school. How’d you know? Winking smile)

I also really like to add dijon mustard to most things- I definitely prefer to pass the Grey Poupon, but Great Value is no slouch either.

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I set the tuna mixture on a bed of greens, and at the last minute I decided to thinly slice a radish on top of my wrap. Radishes have such a delicious crunch and a very refreshing flavor- they taste good with pretty much everything, ESPECIALLY tacos.

The whole wrap?

Tuna- 3 wwpoints+

Mixed greens- 0 wwpoints+

Flatout Wrap- 3 wwpoints+

Dijon Mustard- 0 wwpoints+

Fat-Free Mayo- 1 wwpoints+

Radish- 0 wwpoints+
TOTAL: 7 wwpoints+

Verdict? Get thee to your local grocer and buy Flatout wraps and chobani yogurt. DE-licious.



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Scales, Scales, Scales: A Buyer’s Guide

It took me longer than usual to start this entry for two reasons:

1)      I’m listening to Daft Punk’s Alive 2007 (“Around The World/Harder Better Faster Stronger”, to be more specific), and the beats distracted my flow of thought.*

2)      North Carolina’s Piedmont Triad has been attacked by a snow/ice extravaganza! Being a Southern girl, I’m completely entranced by snow, even though it’s really just very cold rain. However, I actually dreaded this particular storm- the arrival of our third (!!!) notable snow of the season will inevitably delay the release of UNCSA refund checks, and I’m already skating on thin financial ice. Oh, well. At least school was cancelled.

After a lot of research (which also translates to ‘a lot of homework time wasted’), I’ve finally decided which two items I’m going to purchase in order to make my new goals a reality. Obviously, it’s completely unnecessary to go shopping before you start a new plan. However, I’ve been thinking about making these purchases for a really long time, and I think I’ve finally found the right products.

1)      Eat Smart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale

The Eat Smart Precision will not be my first kitchen scale- in fact, the reason I know so much about the function (or rather, malfunction) of kitchen scales has quite a bit to do with this little beauty:

Word to the wise? Don’t buy key kitchen gadgets at Ikea**. Cheap is awesome sometimes- cheap is not awesome when it comes to measurement accuracy. Not to mention that spring scales are (in general) less accurate than digital models. I’ve read dozens of reviews, and the Eat Smart appears to be the best combination of price, accuracy, and efficiency. Also, quite ironically, after I decided to purchase the Eat Smart, I found out that Danica of Danicasdaily uses the exact same scale! She did an awesome product review almost one year ago, and her review definitely helped push me over the edge.

2)      Weight Watchers Memory Glass Electronic Scale

Ok, it’s time for a confession: scales are one of my biggest fears. They rank in my top five, hovering somewhere between heights and massive snakes.  And, not to be presumptuous, but I don’t think I’m alone in this fear. Women (and men) are trained from a young age to put an unnatural amount of stock in the numbers produced by scales. To make matters worse, a person’s weight can vary by several pounds depending on which scale you step on. Needless to say, I’ve had seemingly never-ending hours of anxiety surrounding my personal scale activity. For years, I absolutely refused to purchase a scale- during my previous Weight Watchers stints, I’ve insisted upon only weighing myself at meetings. That being said, I still don’t think it’s a great idea to weigh oneself more than one time per week- weight can fluctuate dramatically during any given week, and I don’t want to subject myself to more emotional trauma than absolutely necessary.

You’re probably wondering why I would purchase a scale if I have so many ridiculous psychological issues with them. Well, for one thing, since I’ll be doing Weight Watchers Online, I need to keep track of my weight loss numbers. Second, all of the psychological issues I’ve listed have made me realize that I’m turning into a TWENTY-THREE YEAR OLD PSYCHOPATH. A person should not be afraid of their own weight- that’s absolutely ridiculous. I need to come to terms with my numerical body weight, and I think purchasing a scale will help expedite this process.

I’ve chosen the Weight Watchers Memory Scale because I want a scale with good memory functions- this model stores the start, last, current, and goal weights for up to four users. It has received great points for weight accuracy, and has an interesting leveling system to make sure you achieve proper balance before taking a weight measurement. However, it costs a little more money than I would typically spend on this sort of item- however, I need to stop being such a cheap ass and start buying higher quality items, instead of cheap items which will break shortly after purchase.

Is My Fear Totally Irrational? What are your Fears Associated with Body Weight?

*Daft Punk’s “Alive 2007” ranks really high on my list of Music For Working Out. Get Familiar.

**I still absolutely love Ikea, even though I found the Ikea Kitchen Scale to be lackluster.


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