Jessamyn Makes a LightBox!

We all have secrets. Sometimes the secrets aren’t particularly scandalous or intriguing. In fact, a lot of the time they’re not even meant to be secrets. Maybe they should be called ‘little known facts’. Well here’s a little known fact about Jessamyn: I spent three years of my life working in an arts and crafts store. Basically, this means three things:

1. I’m a master multi-tasker, and can fix a broken cash register while reorganizing an arsenal of same size paint brushes.

2. I am an unlikely resource when it comes to framing jigsaw puzzles.

3. I’ve been known to talk about the most mundane scrapbooking techniques for hours without realizing the passage of time.

In my post-arts and crafts store world, I try to keep my crafting to a bare minimum. In fact, the craftiest thing in my everyday life is the inevitable winter knitting itch which hits me in mid-October and (always) fizzles out by late January. Therefore, I’ve been knitting the same black and white striped cowl for over two years (but for the record, when I finally finish it, y’all are going to be so jealous.)

Anyway, while I rarely feel the crafting itch, I was very intrigued by Ashley and Stephen’s (of the fabulous neverhomemaker) light box project. Because I don’t take my photography seriously, I didn’t think making a light box was a reasonable use of my funds. However, with a new camera in the mail and armed with a new outlook on my potential photography skills, I decided it might be worth it to give myself a space for creative education. Therefore, this morning I decided to build a light box from scratch.

For those of you who are not photographers, familiar with photography, or don’t spend hours of your day on the internet, a Light Box is an excellent way to diffuse soft light in a contained space, creating a malleable space where light and shadows can be manipulated. Basically, for someone who wants to become a better food photographer but lives in a lighting dungeon, a Light Box is a fairly good investment. Obviously, like any other item in the world, you don’t need to make one- you can buy a Light Box. However, if you’re not a professional photographer and don’t mind spending a couple of hours hanging out in a giant cardboard box, making a Light Box with household items might be right up your alley.

So, armed with a fresh cardboard box, tissue paper, velcro, and a hell of a lot of packing tape, I got to work.

(Of course, since the camera isn’t actually here yet, I only have a rather crude camera phone photo. Thank you, verizon.)


Isn’t it lovely? It looks way more complicated than it actually is- it’s really just a cardboard box covered with tissue paper. The process took a little longer than it probably should have- I managed to watch two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy (my new, ever-so-slightly embarrassing obsession) before taking this photo. All in all, it was not a very expensive project, though I did have to buy three utility lamps at ~$7.00/each. Also, I bought three different swatches of fabric for backdrop- two patterns and one solid black. I haven’t found a permanent home for my new box. At the moment, it’s housed under my kitchen table (which also doubles as my desk and lives in my living room- yes, I try to be as unorthodox as possible.)

Since I didn’t have the patience to take a thousand process shots of this project, I must insist you check out the neverhomemaker instructions in order to actually learn how to make one of these babies. I followed their instructions to a Tee, but I definitely didn’t do any of the steps they deemed unnecessary. That probably sounds a little silly, but trust me- you’ll understand after you check it out for yourself.

What random crafts/activities have you attempted lately?


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  1. Ooo I love that you shared this! I’ve been wanting to make one myself 🙂 Loving your blog and glad to be your new follower!

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