The Trouble With Food Tracking and My Wish List

I learned a valuable lesson today. It’s a lesson I’ve been forced to learn about 187391092779 times over, and I hope this time the true meaning will stick in my mind so that I’ll quit making the same mistakes.

If you are monitoring your food intake, ALWAYS TRACK YOUR MEALS.

I know, it seems obvious. It is obvious. It’s also the cornerstone of the Weight Watchers philosophy. But I am the laziest tracker in the history of the world. I spent the month of March being really lazy about my tracking habits- partially because I was fasting, and partially because I’m just really freaking lazy. As a result, when I stepped on the scale two weeks ago, I wasn’t very surprised to be pissed off by the number it gave me. However, I was a little surprised to be even more upset by the number I saw last week. In my defense, I was on my period and I always weigh really heavy when I’m menstruating. But I also didn’t track very well last week. I always start the week strong, and then I taper off toward the middle of the week. When I stop tracking, it becomes infinitely easier to impulsively eat the foods which sabotage me and my goals.

This week, however, I really focused on my tracking- even when I didn’t feel like it. And I saw definite results on the scale this morning. I need to maintain this momentum- sometimes tracking my food is just such a F-ing hassle. But I have to remember that the long term goals are worth the extra five minutes of effort.

In other news, I’ve been accumulating a wish list of items which will improve my blogging/cooking/athletic life. While the list grows steadily every day, there are a couple of items that are really key:

canon rebel1. New Camera- I love my camera. I really do. It’s small, and I can take it everywhere. But I need to get serious about my photography, especially in regard to my blogging. I mean, I’m well aware that a fancy camera does not create great photos- there’s no substitute for good lighting and composition. But I want the quality of my photography to increase, and I don’t want to invest more money in another point and shoot when I’m pleased with the point and shoot I’m using. I need to upgrade to dslr. My ideal model is the Canon Rebel– of course, it’s really expensive. I’m looking for a used canon, and I’m actually looking primarily at older models. I spend quite a bit of time scouring ebay for viable options. At this point, it’s just a little too far out of my financial grasp. But I’m hopeful- if you know anyone who is upgrading to another model and wants to get rid of their dslr, let me know!

garmin heart rate monitor2. Heart Rate Monitor: I think I need to be monitoring my activity level more vigilantly and I think a heart rate monitor will really help with this goal. I’d like to kn0w exactly how many calories I’m burning while exercising and I’d like to get more precise heart rate calculations. This will help me determine how I should be increasing/decreasing my exercise levels, especially as I reach weight plateaus and finish couch to 5k. At this point I’m battling between a garmin and a polar– price is an obvious factor, but I’m still just trying to decide between the two brands. As always, I’m really open to any insight you guys might have.

running shoe fitting guides3. Running Shoes: I actually already talked about this, but it’s become a true necessity. I don’t know how I’ll make it through the summer running season (especially since I definitely plan to run/race when I’m in Boston) wearing the shoes I have right now. These are great sneaks for general exercise, but I need to take better care of my tootsie wootsies if I’m going to keep up this hobby. I’ve received some great running shoe store recommendations in both GSO and Winston-Salem, but I still can’t quite decide between Fleet Feet and Off’N Running. In fact, I might have to get fitted after Saturday’s race– but maybe I’m being too impulsive. Thoughts?

citrus reamer4. Citrus Reamer: Self-explanatory. I bite my nails, and citrus juice+ bitten cuticles= LAME.

All this talk about running has made me pretty pumped about my run tonight. It’s weird how I’m sort of starting to like it.

…I hope I didn’t speak too soon. Smile



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3 responses to “The Trouble With Food Tracking and My Wish List

  1. I may need to send you an email, Missy Miss, as I have approximately 9,000 things to say about cameras, running watches, and getting fitted for running shoes. Plus, I have 9,045 things to say about running in Boston this summer… muhahaha. Standby for more. 🙂

  2. kently

    I want a running watch!!!! But I can’t afford to spend the money on one right now. Oh hey, my bday’s tomorrow…hahaha. 😉

    I haven’t been to Off n Running, but Fleet Feet has never failed me OR anyone I know who has been.

    Also, I’m with Hannah. I overpronate quite severely on my left foot and a little on my right foot. I had good quality cross-trainers and I still ended up with knee issues because they weren’t the right shoes for my running habits. I really can’t tell you how much the running shoes have helped since then! I literally felt the difference after one run. My knee issue is now completely healed too (although it did take a while because I still ran and exercised in the meantime). So really – go with that impulse of getting fitted for some good shoes.

    And stay excited about your run tonight. That’s the best feeling of all!

  3. Renee

    I’m at 76 pounds lost in the last 381 days in large part because of two key things:

    1. MFD ( It’s where I log all my food and exercise. It motivates me with silly smiley faces and frownie faces. Plus, since I eat a lot of the same key things I can just “copy a date” and hit a button and modify what I’ve changed without hardly any effort… because I also am a LAZY TRACKER!

    2. My personal trainer (which I am lucky I can afford) told me I needed to get good shoes and a HRM. He was right about BOTH. I use a Polar model and yes, it was pricey. But the readout is more than accurate as according the readout of calories burned I have been on target (if not better!) meeting my MFD weight loss goals every month. And the shoes – well, your feet hold you up – they should be made happy and safe so that the rest of you can stay that way too!

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