Jessamyn’s March Goals Wrap-Up- The Biggest April Fools’ Joke Of All

I can’t believe it’s already April. March usually feels like the world’s longest month to me, and while it did seem a bit lengthy, it didn’t drag by like usual.

Fortunately, I had a great month as far as my goals are concerned.

APRIL FOOLS- I did not do well with my goals. In fact, I knew by the middle of the month that this wrap-up was probably not going to go well. However, it’s good that I can look back at what I did wrong and figure out ways to do better in April. It’s all about growth, and that’s the purpose of writing specific goals.

Ok, let’s see:


  • Write at least four blog entries/week.

Um…..clearly this didn’t happen. I averaged about two per week. But considering I spent a good portion of March on spring break/finishing finals/working on a play/running around like a chicken with my head cut off, this was a fairly good average. However, I’ve developed a pretty good groove with writing, and I’m sure I’ll be able to maintain it during April.

  • Of the four blog entries, write at least one recipe entry and try/blog about at least one new product per week.

In my defense, I have several recipes photographed and ready to post. I’m just….ugh, I’M JUST JESSAMYN AND I GET DISTRACTED ALL THE TIME WAHWAHWAH FORGIVE ME. I posted three recipes  this month (out of five weeks- not so bad), but hang on- I did several restaurant reviews, and I reviewed a bunch of new (to me) products. Maybe it balances out? Plus I still have my Guinness chocolate cake recipe forthcoming (I made it on St. Patrick’s Day, but we’ll pretend like that wasn’t almost three weeks ago).

  • Do a deep spring cleaning of my apartment, including window washing and oven cleaning. I will also look for new kitchen lighting.

I did actually do a pretty deep clean of my apartment. However, I didn’t wash the windows or clean the oven. I mean, I’m not Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. But I did clean parts of my bedroom which have been messy….pretty much since September. I began the hunt for new kitchen lighting (photographing in my kitchen is like photographing in Grendel’s mom’s kitchen), but I haven’t made any official decisions. However, quite ironically, the overhead lamp in my kitchen blew out a couple of days ago. And since I have sweeping, loft-like ceilings (one of my favorite parts of the apartment), I’ve been using a table lamp from my living room until I can get hold of a ladder. Basically, after dark, my kitchen  now looks as though it is lit by candle light.

  • Watch 1 new movie every two weeks.

Surprisingly, I didn’t do too shabby with this goal- a major step up from February. In March, I watched Eat, Pray, Love (two thumbs down), Divine Secrets of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood (two thumbs down- did Maggie Smith have a dialect coach?), An Affair To Remember (two thumbs WAY UP), A Wink and A Smile: The Art of Burlesque (two thumbs up), the majority of Fantastic Mr. Fox (I’ll comment if/when I ever finish watching it), and Waiting For “Superman” (two thumbs up- I cried like a baby). I also watched an embarrassingly large amount of Parks and Recreation, with a generous amount of Jersey Shore sprinkled on top for good measure (Team J-Woww and Snookie- yeah, that’s right. I took it there.)

  • Continue with the couch to 5k Challenge, and water jog AT LEAST once every two weeks

So I only water jogged once. Meh. But I did continue with couch to 5k, and broke lots of personal boundaries. Because of my fasting period (which took up the vast majority of March) and spring break, I got a little behind on my running schedule toward the middle of the month. However, I’m making up the time I lost and I’m back on my original schedule. I feel really good about my pacing and my endurance. I still don’t love running, but I’m definitely becoming more confident in my abilities.

  • Prepare for my first 5k of the season, and possibly walk/run one before the end of the month

Because of scheduling conflicts, I wasn’t able to do a race during March. However, my first official race is next weekend and I’m pumped- you can check my races and see where I’m going to be this month. If you’re in the triad and want to do/already plan to do one/all of these races, let me know so we can smile at and high five each other. Smile

  • Strength Training 2-3 days/week

It was more like two days per week, but at least it happened.

  • Continue the 200 Sit-ups Training Program

I don’t want to talk about it…

Ugh, that was rough. But let’s talk NEW GOALS. There are some definite repeat goals, but I’m repeating them because I know they’re attainable. Even if I pretend otherwise.


  • Write at least four blog entries/week.
  • Strength Training 2-3 days/week
  • Continue with the couch to 5k Challenge
  • Of the four blog entries/week, alternate reviewing one restaurant per week and posting a new recipe per week
  • Watch 1 new movie every two weeks.
  • Stick to a food budget of $75/week (including a fruits/veggies budget of roughly $25/week )
  • Finish reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma and Middlesex
  • Successfully run/walk all of my April 5Ks, in preparation for my first full run 5K in May
  • Maintain a (financially and health-related) balanced diet during my New York City trip at the end of the month.

Whew. I think I can do it. In fact, I know I can do it.

….I hope that doesn’t turn out to be another April Fools Joke. Smile


my name (and this blog) have been thrown into the ring for Yes! Weekly’s Triad’s Best Blogger Award. Even if you’re not a triad resident, I would be absolutely thrilled to have you go to their website and vote for me. There are tons of categories, but you don’t have to vote in every category. It’s very simple to cast your vote:

1.  Click this Link.

2. Type in your name and e-mail address, then click ‘Save’

3. Click ‘Media’, scroll down to ‘Best Blogger’ and select ‘Jessamyn Not Jasmine’ from the list of options.

4. Click ‘Save’. You’re done! Smile

Of course I’ve found out about this at the very last minute, so I’m sure my last ditch effort to win probably won’t be enough to shoulder out some of the frontrunners. However, it’s really wonderful to be recognized and I hope this leads to more Triad residents checking out Jessamyn Not Jasmine.

Happy Poisson D’Avril!



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2 responses to “Jessamyn’s March Goals Wrap-Up- The Biggest April Fools’ Joke Of All

  1. Carolyn

    Meeting your goals or not, I give you major props on the upkeep of this blog. Lawd knows I’ve wanted to/debated/tried to start a blog more than once but I just know it’ll be the first thing pushed by the wayside when my schedule gets hectic! I thoroughly enjoy reading though, and congrats on Boston this summer!

  2. Julia

    Hey Jessamyn, even though you didn’t complete some of your goals, the things you did accomplish are worth celebrating! Kudos!

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