A Day At The Grocery Store and Why I’m in Love With Trader Joe’s

Some people get excited because of mini-vacations. Some people get excited because of fancy dinners. Both of those things make me squeal with glee. But few things in this world make me quite as excited as inexpensive and organic grocery shopping. Therefore, a trip here…


…is essentially the equivalent of a Jessamyn Religious odyssey. You guys know I love the grocery offerings here in the Dash (I’ve specifically talked about my love of Whole Foods and Washington Perk more than once), but Trader Joe’s might be my absolute favorite grocery store. First of all, here are the things they DON’T do (ever):

  • NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • NO genetically modified ingredients
  • NO MSG
  • NO added Trans Fats

You know what that means? You can always recognize every ingredient in EVERY product. Do you know how remarkable that is in an ENTIRE grocery store? Also, TJ has an incredible ethics policy, which filters from the corporate office into every single employee. I swear, I’ve never encountered a store with such consistently nice employees. They are always smiling, making conversation, and generally creating an unbelievably pleasant shopping environment. Oh, and did I mention that every thing is actually priced reasonably?

Of course, if you’re from North Carolina then you’re probably well aware of the fact that there is not a Trader Joe’s in the triad area.Sad smile I am intensely jealous of every blogger who shamelessly talks about their weekly Trader Joe’s grocery expedition at their neighborhood TJ. Unfortunately, triad residents who need a Trader Joe’s fix are forced to travel to either Charlotte or the Research Triangle Park (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Thrill)- this is a 1 1/2- 2 hour drive one way. Therefore, I can only afford to make the 3-4 hour round trip every once and awhile.

Today was one of those lucky days. Smile

Of course, I set out on my journey under the pretense of picking up a few specific items. Unfortunately, I had a very unlucky streak with a couple of my ‘definitely-need-to-get’ items:


-Soba Noodles (Missing in action)

However, on the bright side, I did make some very exciting purchases- some typical purchases, and some new items. Since I went grocery shopping a couple of days ago, I didn’t need to get most staples. Also, because of a very exciting recent experiment in my fruits and veggies purchasing habits (which will be disclosed by the end of this coming week), I didn’t buy as much produce as I would usually. However, here’s a peek at what made the trip home from Charlotte:

03262011 008

MorningStar Farms Vegan Burgers and Sausage Patties, EVOO, Corn Flakes, and (my first impulse buy) Chinese Pork Buns. When I was in NYC, I fell in love with Chinese dim sum, and pork buns are my absolute fave- the nutritional info on these is not so bad, and they were only $2.99.


03262011 009

Gorgonzola Multi-grain crackers, Ezekiel Bread, Organic Polenta, 2 blocks of organic tempeh, and Thai-style rice noodles. Oh, and the weird brown lump is whole-wheat pizza dough– only $0.99, y’all! Guess who’s having calzones soon? Smile


03262011 013

Orzo, Yucca chips, Whole-Wheat rotini, Raspberry Greek yogurt, Goat cheese medallions, and Greek Feta Dressing (so delicious).



03262011 014

Whole-Wheat couscous, Frozen steel cut oats (pre-topped with cinnamon and brown sugar), cauliflower, and (a lot of ) organic bananas. I eat a lot of bananas- at least one per day. Therefore, I bought some fairly ripe bananas, and some greenies- that way, the greenies will be ready to eat by the time I finish the first batch.


I’m still on a bit of a grocery shopping high. It probably doesn’t hurt that I just finished a really empowering run on the treadmill. I’m so amped that I can barely think of what to eat for dinner- oh wait, that’s right- my name’s Jessamyn. Surely I figure it out. Smile

Have a great weekend, y’all!


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One response to “A Day At The Grocery Store and Why I’m in Love With Trader Joe’s

  1. Tangela

    Yum yum! pork buns??? good heavens, and am I glad you finally bought some Ezekial Bread! Goat cheese….ahhhhhhhhh:) Fooodgasm for sure.

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