Beach Babies and Little Bites

Thank god for Spring Break. Seriously. If I stayed in Cancer City a moment longer, I am absolutely certain my head would have exploded.

Ok, so maybe I’m being a little overdramatic. But probably not. Smile

Anyway, rest and relaxation is definitely what the doctor ordered. As I write, I’m staring out at the beautiful Carolina coastline. Maybe I’m biased, but I honestly think there are fewer things that are quite as beautiful as my state’s coast.

Anyway, I’m also creepily watching my fellow vacation adventurers sleep in our charming oceanfront motel room. Actually, while I’m the subject of our digs, can I just shout out to the Silver Gull Motel? I know, you’re probably trying to figure out why I’m singing the praises of a motor hotel which clearly had its glory days before I was even a gleam in my father’s eye. Well, clean rooms, good service, and good location are timeless. And this joint has those characteristics in spades. If you ever take a jaunt down to Wrightsville Beach, check this place out- it’s right next to the pier, and it’s literally right on the beach. Also, it was in the Divine Secrets of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood. So, you know, it should be included in your Wilmington Hollywood tour. Along with the Dawson’s Creek set.

Anyway, since I’m on a vacation from the realities of my life, this entry is really just a recap of all the things that happened pre-beach that I meant to write about it. I think they shall be deemed little bites. Sit back, relax, and let the little bites roll.

3142011 788

This little bite is quite ironic given my current beachfront locale. Basically, last week I was checking in on Gina (the Fitnessita) and her shrimp adventures, and I was nearly overcome by a seafood craving. However, in case you’ve misinterpreted everything there is to know about Jessamyn, I’m not made of money. Some people might think this lack of constant funds would put a damper on seafood dinners. Not for this girl! If you’re cooking for one, buying seafood can be wicked cheap. After class, I skipped over to Whole Foods and picked up 1/4 pound of squid rings and 2 shrimp skewers. The skewers were $1.49/each, and 1/4 pound of squid rings was only $1.82. Yeah, that’s right- I ate a delicious seafood dinner for less than $5. I grilled up my seafood medley and ate it in an “everything but the kitchen sink” style stirfry. I’d have photographed it, but I was too busy being a greedy girl and eating faster than I’ve ever eaten in my life.

3142011 790

Last week, Kate and I had a delicious Mardi Gras dinner at a Winston restaurant that may not be new, but is quite new to us. It’s called Hutch and Harris. Even though I spent most of last week shouting about my need for jambalaya, I ended up not ordering it- I was too entranced by the cannellini bean burger. I had it with a side of whipped cauliflower. First of all, THAT CAULIFLOWER- oh my god, THAT CAULIFLOWER. I’ve been a convert to the Church of Cauliflower for a number of years, but Hutch and Harris’ whipped cauliflower is enough to turn any non-believing 10 year old into the firmest of believers. Seriously, they were so buttery, soft yet firm, and perfectly seasoned- I’m swooning just from the memory.

However, while I absolutely loved the cauliflower, the cannellini burger left quite a lot to my imagination. I mean, it was good. It was quite good. But I could have made it at home. The seasoning was- lackluster. The texture was awesome. It was served with a chevre and red pepper coulis. I loved that juxtaposition of flavors, but the burger itself was WAY underseasoned. I would definitely go back to Hutch and Harris, but I might not get the bean burger again.

I know you’re itching for more little bites, but my comrades have finally risen from the depths of sleep, and it’s time to get back to appreciating this:

3142011 795

Have a lovely spring break, y’all. Smile


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