Tears on The Treadmill, and Why You Should Never Go To The Grocery Store Hungry

I thought about starting this entry with lyrics from a 1776 song, but I’ve since decided that’s probably overkill. I can sum up the past few days in a few words:

rehearsal rehearsal rehearsal <miniscule amount of sleep> rehearsal

Though we’re finally on the darker side of tech week, there’s still quite a bit of work to be done as the show opens on Thursday.

So while there’s not much to say about my weekend aside from muttering random song lyrics under my breath, I did have a bit of an emotional break through on Saturday.

Regardless of how crazy my schedule has been, I’ve worked really hard to maintain a steady exercise schedule. Since I’ve been doubling up on couch to 5k challenge weeks (basically, I do every week twice), I just started week three’s workout schedule. Beginning with a  5 minute warm-up walk, it is two repetitions of the following:

  • Jog 90 seconds
  • Walk 90 seconds
  • Run three minutes
  • Walk three minutes

I did it. With no trouble. Ok, not true- I lost my focus during the second rep, so it seemed a little longer than it would have otherwise. But I finished. Easily. I could have run longer. I didn’t feel exhausted. I felt warm and fulfilled. So warm and fulfilled, in fact, that I nearly started crying during the final leg of the routine.

I don’t know if I can properly express what an incredible milestone this is for me. As a non-runner, running for more than 45 seconds has seemed daunting. Running for three minutes, non-stop, means more to me than any weight-loss ever could.

This is the point of my journey. I am not promoting weight-loss- I am promoting the necessity of breaking personal boundaries. Three months ago I didn’t think I could do this- now I know I can. The best part? I know this is only the beginning.

I am finally becoming my own hero.

On a slightly less ‘Lifetime Television for Women’ note, I woke up really early this morning so I could get in my grocery shopping for the week. Two major roadblocks occurred during this routine trip:


2. I lingered in Whole Foods for so l0ng that the dangerous hunger pains started creeping into my belly. Typically, if I start to feel these hunger pains, I immediately rush to the check out line so I don’t do anything stupid involving the impulse purchasing of chocolate. However, today I was too weak and distracted to get my act together- somehow I exited Whole Foods with a bag of potato chips.


Usually I wouldn’t promote an item that derailed my morning plans, but this item was too delicious to brush under the rug.

02212011 001

Laurel Hill Reduced Fat Potato Chips. They come in a multitude of flavors, and for only $2 (2/$4 AT WHOLE FOODS THIS WEEK) they were a steal. Considering they were cooked in grease, they were not too greasy and 1 oz (about 19 chips) is only 4 WW points+.

Speaking of grease, want to know the best thing about these chips? They only have three ingredients: Potatoes, oil, and sea salt. As it should be.

AND (too good to be true) Laurel Hill’s tortilla chips were ranked in Cooking Light’s Top Ten Healthiest Chips.

AND when you say the name really quickly, it sounds like one of my favorite singers. Which I did. Multiple times. Actually, I’m doing it right now. I bet she likes them. And let’s get real: if Lauryn Hill likes a product, that’s pretty much the only endorsement I need.


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One response to “Tears on The Treadmill, and Why You Should Never Go To The Grocery Store Hungry

  1. Hi Jessamyn: thanks for trying our newest kettle cooked potatto chips. we have 3 reduced fat chips and 3 “regular” (which are only 1 gram more of fat). My favorite is BBQ RF. We also have a line of delicious tortilla chips, which we would love for you to try! let us know and we can send you some. Spread the word…we’ll hug you later

    Jeremy aka the Chip Guy

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