OF COURSE We Went to “Breakfast of Course”!

To quote one of my life heroines, Scarlett O’Hara (she ranks on the same list as Beth Ditto, Clarissa Darling, and, of course, her majesty Queen Elizabeth II),

“As god as my witness, this disease isn’t going to lick me…I will not miss school because of a stupid illness again!”

Ok, she definitely didn’t say that. At all. But if she were 23, living in the year 2011, and suffering from a nasty hybrid of food poisoning/influenza (oh, and not a fictional character), she DEFINITELY would have amended her original statement.

I’ve mentioned this restaurant before, but I can only think of a few places in Winston-Salem (forget it, the entire STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA) who are doing breakfast as well as Breakfast of Course.

I actually briefly mentioned the lady Mary and her wonderful restaurant in a previous post about a new restaurant in the Dash called The Screaming Rooster. Some of you may know BOC by its old name and location, Mary’s of Course. BOC takes everything that was awesome about MOC (great food, great service, cute/mismatched table decorations) and brings it into an awesome new downtown location which solves all of the old problems (too small, cramped tables, long lines).

Ok, I lied about the last part- the tricky thing about restaurants being tasty and awesome and popular is that EVERYONE IN TOWN WANTS TO EAT THERE AT THE SAME TIME. Therefore, if you’re trying to eat Sunday brunch at BOC, you need to be prepared to wait. And wait. I’ve legitimately waited over an hour for a table at BOC (I KNOW, I couldn’t believe it either). Was it worth it? Oh, yes. BOC serves some of the best grits outside of my mom’s house and trust me when I say that I will wait for a bowl of decent grits. Was I frustrated? Meh, not as important. I mean, hello: those grits are damn good.

Another awesome thing about BOC is that they have a lot of vegetarian and vegan friendly options. For the record, the vegetarian sausage gravy is delicious, and they have a variety of fruits, vegetables, and cheeses which can be ordered a la carte. Because sometimes a girl just needs a plate of vegetarian sausage and a slice of brie, you know?

In fact, just the other day I was in the mood for something really light*, fresh, and… not actually on the menu. That’s right, I was going to be THAT customer: the customer who thinks they can order anything they want just because the restaurant has a kitchen and the customer has a mind of their own.

For starters, I didn’t want the typical ‘on the menu’ cup of grits. I wanted a bowl of grits, a tureen of grits, a BUCKET of grits-

but ok, I’d settle for a bowl.

I’ve asked for an enhanced bowl of grits at numerous restaurants across the U.S. and the responses have run the gamut of waiter/waitress emotion- from intense eye-rolling and snide remarks, to (at a VERY memorable Carolina Beach hole in the wall) the waiter delivering a mixing bowl of grits. Basically, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Also, while I wanted eggs, I really only wanted egg whites. Scrambled hard. With fruit on the side.

Did my BOC waitress roll her eyes, make a snide remark, and bring me a cup of grits with two whole scrambled eggs on the side? Nope. She wrote down my annoying order, smiled, and gave me what I wanted:

2152011 002

‘Pleased’ does not adequately describe how I felt upon seeing this plate. Thank you, Breakfast of Course, for making my brunch dreams come true.

*And yes, I fully realize that a tureen of grits is not typically seen as ‘light’. Yeah, whatever.


I lost 3.3 pounds today at my weigh-in. While part of me wants to write this off as a by-product of my disease riddled body, the other part of me is doing a happy dance and saying, “AY-YO!”



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2 responses to “OF COURSE We Went to “Breakfast of Course”!

  1. dan

    Congrats on losing 3.3lbs – I lost at least that when I was ill.
    BOC sounds great.
    Your blog is great.

    I’ve got nothing

  2. Ohhh sistah girl…nothing like a go and try it blog about a good eatin joint to get a southern girl movin. Straight to my heart with all your delicious discriptions of grits…I am sooo ready to go!!
    Love ya, Auntie Bren

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