Spirulina- Sounds like a Disease, Tastes like a dream

You know, every time I get sick in my adulthood, I think this is some sort of karmic payback for every time I faked sick during my childhood. However, as an adult with a schedule and mandatory responsibilities, getting sick? SIGNIFICANTLY LESS COOL.

At this moment I’m sitting in the UNCSA Health Center, praying that the doctor doesn’t utter the word ‘influenza’. When I arrived at the Health Center this morning 5-10 minutes before it opened, I was surprised to find that I was merely joining a queue of other diseased students.

Since I started this entry I have seen the doctor, endured a heinous pharmaceutical experience, and have taken up at a semi-permanent residence in my bed. Again, the one good thing about being sick is that I can blog my heart out (as long as there are tissues in the immediate vicinity).

Because I’ve been so ill, I decided to make an extra special Green Monster yesterday. Actually, two things really sparked my need for green:

1. I discovered an untouched pint of FAGE plain yogurt in the back of my fridge that expires in a couple of days. My new found love of Chobani has distracted me from my lifelong obsession with FAGE texture, and I refuse to let such a thick and luscious yogurt go to waste. I don’t usually put dairy products in my monster, but this was an emergency.

2. I wanted to try the spirulina powder I bought. News flash: remember when I blogged about Winston-Salem’s Washington Perk and Provisions? Well, you can buy spirulina powder IN BULK there. Huzzah.

Yesterday’s monster consisted of:

-Three Giant Handfuls of Spinach (I’m not big on measuring leafy greens, but I think the handful trick is good enough)

-3/4 cup FAGE plain non-fat greek yogurt

– 1 Banana

– 1/2 cup Peaches

– 2 tsp spirulina powder

First I blended the top four ingredients, making sure to put the yogurt on the bottom. It’s a pretty good rule of thumb to put liquid beverage ingredients close to the bottom of your food processor/blender (this also goes for smoothies, milkshakes, pina coladas, etc.) because they allow the bulkier items to smooth out easier. In the case of a green monster, the spinach will whip right into the yogurt creating a thick and creamy mixture.

Oh, have I not introduced you to my new friend? Meet my new food processor, the Black and Decker FP1600B. She’s sleek, matches my coffeemaker (and ipod dock and scale), and doesn’t start smoking when I run her for long periods of time- therefore, she’s my newest and bestest friend. I still have my baby cuisnart mini-prep, but it was starting to show signs of age- i.e. smoking while in the act of crushing garbanzo beans. I’m not ready to give up on ol’ cuisnart, but that baby definitely needed a pinch hitter.

Anyway, after I blended up my main ingredients, I added the featured player: spirulina powder.

Look at those greens! I just want to go swimming in that color. Ok, not really.

As I’ve mentioned before, spirulina is an incredible superfood and is the richest beta carotene food- legit, spirulina beta carotene is 10 times stronger than carrots. Among the multitude of its incredible benefits, spirulina also strengthens the immune system. And since I’ve been struck by the black death, I need as much immune system subsidizing as possible.

I only used 2 teaspoons because I wanted to ease my way into drinking spirulina- however, because of the additional flavors in my beverage, the spirulina blends in seamlessly.

Now, as a fair warning, this green monster was not very sweet- if you need more natural sweeteners, add more fruit. So don’t make this exact recipe and expect to taste the fruity rainbow- I was going for greenery, not garden variety. However, I found this drink to be quite delicious and just what the doctor ordered.

Since we’re on the topic of green smoothies: Roni of Green Lite Bites made an adorable video of her and her son making smoothies together. It’s really cute, and very informational- if you’re interested in joining the green revolution but want to ease your way into it, watch this video for some great pointers and hints.

I can’t wait until I’m making green smoothies with baby Jessamyns. Actually, this is what I hope my motherhood looks like:

Also, I was a touch too emphatic when I added the spirulina to my monster, and ended up sprinkling forest green powder on my Santa Claus footed Jammy Jams.

santa jammie jams

Yes, that’s right. I’m 23, and I wear footed Santa Claus pajamas. Jealous?



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2 responses to “Spirulina- Sounds like a Disease, Tastes like a dream

  1. kently

    totally googling this spirulina stuff. i make protein smoothies after i run, and this seems like it might be a good addition.

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