Cue The “Twilight Zone” Theme

scale 001

Is you heart racing? Is your blood pumping? Are you shaking in your boots because this scary item has finally arrived and now you have to (as Allison Sweeney loves to say on TBL) “Face The Scale?

Yeah, me neither.

I weighed myself yesterday. I smiled. I stepped off the scale. I put back on my clothes and went to class.

I wasn’t afraid. In fact, on the contrary, I felt semi-happy. Who knows if this feeling will last until next week. Who knows if it will last until tomorrow. But right now, I don’t hate myself for my weight. I don’t begrudge myself one pound.

And I think that means I’m finally doing this for the right reasons. That self-realization is enough for me to do a booty shake all over this apartment.

Another AWESOME moment? I actually woke up when I heard my first 5am pre-workout alarm this morning. No snoozing for this girl!

I’m ‘adult’ enough to know that not every moment will feel this way. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t hold on to the moments that do.

On a completely unrelated note, this is my first entry where I’ve used Windows Live Writer. I’ve got to say: this might be love at first write.




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3 responses to “Cue The “Twilight Zone” Theme

  1. I almost bought my first scale the other day at Target!! I am putting it off, I have never been a weight conscious kind of girl, I just go by how I feel and how my jeans fit. I think it might be encouraging to know the number though and keep me focused on my weight loss goals. Let me know how you like it!
    (p.s I am a huge fan of puns – keep ’em coming!)

    • HAHA. Just for you, Jessica, I will try to think of as many ridiculous puns as possible. I will…damnit- I wanted to think of one, but I’m drawing a blank. So much for that joke.

      I can definitely see the reason behind getting a scale- I think it’s fine as long as you don’t get hung up on the number. I tend to take things really personally, and a weekly weigh-in can sometimes totally break my mood. Hopefully, I’ll be able to conquer that emotion as well.

      Also, I think my scale will be great once I leap the hurdle of complete and total user idiocy. I haven’t been able to program any of the features because, to tell the truth, I am technologically incompetent.

  2. MRH

    So you probably don’t want to cram your scale in a tiny corner, like, say, in the few inches between your toilet & your bathtub, ’cause then when you stand on said scale and your legs are getting a special ceramic hug… you might think that you magically lost like 13 pounds overnight. But you didn’t… you were really just leaning on the toilet.
    Just sayin.

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