Strawberry Fields Forever

One of the best parts about living in North Carolina during the summer is the opportunity to go strawberry picking. Last summer, my brother and I went down to Ingram Strawberry Farm just a few miles away from my parent’s house in High Point, and picked strawberries until the cows came home (or until we ran out of money, I forget which came first). The heat was f-ing crucial- the sun was blistering and it was beating down on my bare back (as you can tell, I dressed like a strawberry in honor of the occasion). Even though we still have a few months before strawberry season begins again, I needed to remind myself that it’s not always blustery and cold in the old north state- one day, the sun will rise again.

(HAHAHAHAHA CIVIL WAR JOKES ARE…not that funny, in fact.)

Gabriel is just SO entranced by the mystical power of strawberries.

Hey, look! I picked a...water bottle. Because someone thought this pretty strawberry field was a trashcan.


All Photos Taken by Brother and Sister Bear Stanley, though admittedly Brother Bear Stanley was forced to take more photos than Sister Bear.

In case you were wondering (because I’m sure all these pictures made you want to grab a wicker basket and frolic in the strawberry scented meadows), strawberry picking is terribly fun (until the sun reminds you that you’re from the city, not the country), and not very expensive. There are lots of pick your own farms, and produce options vary by season. Pick your own farms are an excellent way to spend time with friends, support your local economy, and interact with farmers on a personal level.



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4 responses to “Strawberry Fields Forever

  1. This sounds like so much fun! I could definitely go for some fresh strawberries right now!

  2. Super jealous of your strawberry picking fun. 🙂

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