It’s been a pretty busy weekend here at Jessamyn’s house. For starters, I FINALLY received my loan refund check. Do you know what that means?


Yeah, that’s right: A FRIDGE (and pantry) FULL OF FOOD! The days of Jessamyn subsisting on pantry scraps are over (until I am desperately awaiting my refund check in the spring- the life of a full-time graduate student is ROUGH, y’all).

Also, I bought Udi’s Gluten Free Bread for the first time, and I’m unnaturally excited to try it.

Other big developments?

Yeah, That's Right: I photographed my sneaks on my kitchen counter. Haters Gonna Hate.

Thanks to Mama and Papa Stanley, I finally have new running sneakers! Honestly, I think part of why my mom was so quick to contribute to the sneaker cause is because she’s been tired of seeing me loaf about in the same pair of kangaroo jogging shoes for the last five (seriously, Jessamyn, five?) years. Somehow, though I never buy shoes for exercising, my regular shoe collection grows steadily every month and my old pair of sneaks grow dingier with every cycle. This is a trend I am determined to end (well, not the purchasing of new pumps, boots, and flats. I might have a new health resolve, but I’m still a Fatshionista).

It’s a happy day in Jessamyn’s house. 🙂

Tonight I’m heading to the afore mentioned parental units house so we can break bread together while I mooch off their washing machine. Also, in case you’ve been living under a rock, the Golden Globe Awards are tonight (8pm EST, NBC) and since my mom and I are amateur movie buffs, this is basically a holiday for us. Plus, I don’t own a television set so even if I wanted to sit at home and cheer for my favorite shows and films alone, I couldn’t. I could go into my anti-television ownership philosophy (which has very little do with televisions and more to do with furniture feng shui), but I’ll spare you for the time being.

I’ll also get to spend some quality time with my little brother- have I mentioned he’s starting Weight Watchers with me? I’m so excited to start this journey with him, and I’ll give more information about our effort later.

AND tomorrow, I’m planning to visit the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market on my way home from J-Town- I can barely contain my excitement. Fruits, vegetables, pumpkin butter? IAMSOEXCITED!



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4 responses to “FINALLY: The Wait Is OVER!

  1. Mary (from PAM)

    All of that looks amazing.

    Also, about mooching parental laundry services:
    I have a good washer/dryer set just sitting in my shed. If you have the hook ups and want them, we should talk. I had them before Brian and I moved, but the new house already had a washer/dryer in it. Lemme knoooooow.

    • Mary! Actually, there’s a washer/dryer in the house next door which can be used by me and my fellow tenants. However, it’s a coin washing machine and as much I’d like to say I’m not to cheap to pay for my laundry….

      thanks though!

  2. Dude. Fewer things make me happier than a stocked kitchen, new sneaks, and a trip to the farmers’ market– did a little of that myself this weekend! Have a lovely time with your family. And let me know who won the Golden Globes. My TV has been hijacked by football. Lame-o.

    • No, seriously, it’s just pure elation right now. I was BEAMING while I reorganized my fridge and chopped onions so they will be at the ready for food prep.

      Football, is that the one Michael Jordan plays? I kid, I kid. If my friend Kris sees me making jokes about team sports he’s liable to make an example out of me.

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