Is SO Live

I’m sorry, were you looking for my new entry about the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure, Winston-Salem’s largest single day racing event?

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Well, buddy, you’re looking in the wrong place. I’m a self-hoster now.

Good-bye, It’s been so fun. But I’m a big girl blogger now- it’s time for me to become besties with

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Jessamyn Not Jasmine? Please, y’all- I’m a SELF-HOSTER now!

It’s been a very busy 24 hour period in the world of Jessamyn Not Jasmine.

1. I finally cleaned my kitchen counter and moved my lightbox into its semi-permanent kitchen counter locale. This probably isn’t a big deal for anyone but me- since I still haven’t changed the overhead lamp in my kitchen, the addition of three 100-watt lightbulbs has made a once dungeon-like kitchen into a mini-photo studio.

2. My canon lens arrived. Therefore, I’ve been snapping pictures of every individual item in my apartment (it would probably be a little embarrassing if I didn’t lack self-respect). The definition of the EF 50 mm F/1.8 Prime lens is blowing my point&shoot mind to smithereens. Of course, since my camera usb cable is still in the mail, I can’t physically share any of my ridiculous photos yet. But just know that this is pretty much what I look like:


3. I am officially a self-hosting presser of words- is live! However, if you actually go to this website, you will not see anything worth noting. Therefore, I am taking a planned weekend break from jessamynnotjasmine in order to put in the necessary elbow grease for a fully functioning .com. Also, I have a weekend cooking project in the works, so look forward to a recipe post by the start of next week.

Is that all? Yes, I think so.

Good-bye, April. It’s been sort of nice knowing you.

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